Canon 1Dx at the PBR | Tamworth, NSW

Last weekend we were in Tamworth for a wedding, and we were able to get a free night to attend the Pro Bull Riding event held at the AELEC Centre. I’d never been to a PBR meet before, and I thought that I would take along our new Canon 1Dx for a spin!

The new camera enables us to photograph in lighting conditions that would have been impossible a year ago, and the combination of it’s great low light performance together with 12 frames per second speed meant I was able to get some great shots. Enjoy!


For the gearheads out there, these were shot with a Canon 1Dx with the 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS plus a Canon 1.4x II Extender. Images were shot as high quality Jpegs at ISO 6400 with a wide open aperture of effective f/4 and shutter speed of 1/1000th sec.

I found the 1Dx to be very fast to obtain and track focus, even in the low light conditions, and the quality of the images even at 100% crop was outstanding. It’s great to be able to use gear this good!

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2 thoughts on “Canon 1Dx at the PBR | Tamworth, NSW

  1. Outstanding work, my man! I know how poor the light is over there but you have nailed it with sharp, colurful shots with no noise and maximum sharpness. Well done, very impressive and thanks for sharing. I know the rodeo mag would love some of those! Everything is cool with the Feb 23 wedding, Sally will contact you early next week. Can’t wait to catch up and chew the fat over a few coldies. And yes, it was great meeting you guys the other day and swapping a few ideas!!! Cheers till next time, Jake

  2. Excellent shots in low light and tracking things that move quickly normally a photographers nigtnmare this baby makes it all possible!! I’m salivating over the 1 DX!! I have to have it!! I frown at my 5D Mark II!!!