Kirsty and Tim’s Wedding | Echidna Gully, Armidale NSW

As a wedding photographer I get the opportunity to meet many lovely people and I have the privilege to share the most important day of their lives with them, capturing the emotion and fun of their wedding day. As a confirmed hopeless romantic I couldn’t ask for a better job, but there are days when I feel truly blessed to be a photographer. Kirsty and Tim’s wedding was one of those days.

Kirsty and Tim’s path to the altar has spanned the globe, as they’ve travelled like most people can only dream of doing, making lifelong friends along the way, many of whom made the long journey to arrive at Echidna Gully, near Armidale NSW. Present at the wedding were friends from Germany, France, Chile, Africa and from every State of Australia, a real testament to the love that this couple engenders in those who get to know them. Congratulations Tim and Kirsty, you have my best wishes for a lifetime of love and happiness.

If you would like to see more from Kirsty and Tim’s wedding day you can visit their wedding gallery.

3 thoughts on “Kirsty and Tim’s Wedding | Echidna Gully, Armidale NSW

  1. Superbe mariage et magnifique week end passé en votre compagnie … encore toutes nos félicitations et tous nos voeux de bonheur pour votre belle et longue vie ❤

  2. It was such my privilege to perform Kirsty and Tim’s wedding ceremony. Their circle of family and friends are further enriched by this young couple wanting to share their big day – spreading the love.

  3. I don’t think I have ever seen such a beautiful bride. Everyone looks so joyous and happy! I’m sure their marriage will be as long and happy as Cathy and Peter’s. xx

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