New website and blog!

Welcome to the new Chasing Summer website and blog! We’ve been working behind the scenes on this for the last 12 months and we’re delighted that it’s finally a reality! There’s lots to share with the new site but first we wanted to address why we felt a new business name was necessary.

Chasing Summer wedding photographer Armidale Tamworth Coffs Harbour

1. The Rebrand

Many of you will know that Chasing Summer was formerly North Coast Photography. Antony and I established the business in Coffs Harbour in 2007, and over the next few years it grew significantly. As word spread about our work we found that we were photographing weddings all over NSW, SE Queensland, and even overseas. Given we were doing more work away from the coast and inland in areas such as Tamworth, Armidale and the Upper Hunter Valley, the business name seemed less relevant to what we were doing. As well as that, let’s face it – it’s pretty boring!

I was pondering about what to call the new business and in a flash of inspiration it came to me! As you may have read on our About Us page, I’m from Alabama, and so each winter since moving here Antony and I have travelled back to the States (which during July is in the peak of Summer) to visit family. It seemed that for the past five years we’ve always been in Summer, and when I thought about it I just loved the name! It’s quirky and fun, and as a result reflects what we love in our wedding photography!

Finally, we feel that with the new brand and identity of Chasing Summer it lets us step away from the traditional, and into a new and exciting world where we can take images and make films that amaze our couples!

2. Moving Pictures

The launch of our Moving Pictures product deserved to be reflected in an appropriate way on our site, rather than just being an add-on in a pricing guide. We’re so excited about the opportunity it gives us to tell the story of our clients’ wedding day in a unique and fun way! We’re thrilled that we can use our existing still photography skills to create amazing stop-motion animated videos for clients, and we hope you’ll like them too!

3. Fotographia

For those of you who don’t know, Antony is a total gear nerd. Apart from our professional photography gear, he uses lots of different cameras for his personal images. He’s constantly experimenting with different old film cameras, and we decided to give him a little corner of the site for his personal (and sometimes boring!) camera stuff. Check it out if you are a gear head or someone looking for a way to cure insomnia! :)

Thanks to the wonderful Haley Higgins from Hello Hello Studio and our website designer Jarrad Spring who together have taken our concept and vague design ideas and turned them into a gorgeous new brand and website!


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